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I’m new here and I was pointed in this direction by a reddit user as this would be the best place for my question.

Does anybody know of anyone who does VB repairs in the UK? I’ve had my VB for about 11 years now and it worked fine for ages. Then I left it on my shelf for years as I fell out of playing classical video games and it did get a bit dusty. I don’t think I used it for about 4 years. Anyway I recently moved and took it with me and tried to see if it would work but I’m afraid nothing works. I put new batteries in the controller and tried the test were you take out and put in the cartridge like 50 times. There also does appear to be a small piece rattling around inside it and I’m worried it might have got damaged in transit or something.

Anybody know of anyone who repairs these in the UK? It’s the US Version.

Thank you.

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