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Hello everyone.

I was just wondering if anyone else was getting 10-20 spam PMs in their inbox? I’ve been hit twice; Yesterday and now this morning. I couldn’t even get passed the login screen.My browser was stuck in a loop. I finally bypassed that with a google search that linked to the forums.

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There were some massive spam attacks in the last few days (again). Tons and tons of really disgusting spam forum posts and PMs advertising fake luxury watches and such. Deleted it all and a few hundred spam accounts. Banned some more email domains. Unfortunaly this won’t prevent more spam attacks in the future. 🙁

You cannot make registration more difficult, with a basic question to answer like “what is the main color of the virtual Boy” ?

Thanks, I figured as much. This is the first time I’ve ever received any spam since I’ve been on here.I guess I was just unlucky this time. Thanks for the reply KR155E


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