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Hey everyone! I’ve been looking everywhere for a Virtual Boy Hat/Cap! I’ve been really wanting to get my hands on one for my collection. They are limited so it’s hard for them, and become available to be sold.

I know everyone may want to keep theirs for their own collection, though if there is any luck. Please let me know and I am willing to buy it for a reasonable price. Now out of the two Virtual Boy hat’s that I know that have been sold, any one of them would be nice to have.

Well thank you again all for you time! If you do want to settle something, send me a PM. Also feel free to ask if you want to trade anything, just send me a message about that also.
Thank you again! 🙂

((Photos for reference only!))

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Check with Dorsi. He’s selling his cap I believe. Send him a PM. He has a forsale thread somewhere around here.


Thank you for giving me a heads up! 🙂

Thank you!!! I really appreciate it! I also sent a PM back ^^


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