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Wondering whether flash boys are still being made. I can supply a cart if needed. And if they are still being made, how much are they? I would love to have one for my virtual boy I just got. 😀


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Hello Dan,
The FlashBoy+ is indeed still being made. The cost is $100 USD. It comes without a box but you can pick one of those up separately if you really want it.

Richard usually asks for 1 donor cart but I think he received enough with the Bounce! stand-alone project that you might be able to get a FB+ without having to send him a cart.

Here is his e-mail: richard.hutchinson@dsl.pipex.com

Thanks, im gonna send him an email right away, again thanks for the information 😀

Richard never answered my follow-up e-mail saying I’d be willing to get one from him.

FYI I did get back to Chris. Been having computer trouble, and since upgrading to IE8, this site has been so slow it’s barely been useable.

At the moment I have some carts left, so you won’t have to send me a donor first. I did ruin quite a few trying to get my engraving machine to do the USB cut-out.

When I do completely run out I’ll start making Bound High carts again. I’m sure there’s more people who still want one.



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