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Hi, i’m going to make this quick. I recently purchased a Virtual Boy with its original box about 3 months ago. I’ve been playing it a lot and today I encountered a problem where one of the separate screens would glitch and spas out. Does anyone know a simple fix for this, I’ve tried everything from cleaning out the connectors to using other game paks. I’m scared that I may have to buy another headset. Thank you for your time

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Depending on where you live you can contact Runnerpack(North America) or Theforce81(Europe) to repair it for you.

What Speedyink just said, just contact one of use depending on where you live.
Buying another head set will not be really helpful at all, unless someone permanently fixed those displays.

This problem will happen with every single VB at one time or another, it is a big design error unfortunately!

Good luck!


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