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I’ve recently gotten back into the Virtual Boy, but my system kinda broke, so I decided to try emulation. Got out the controller, monitor calibrators, and the 3D glasses. Works pretty good!!

However, I noticed that Teleroboxer, no matter where I download the game from or what emulator I play it in, has glitched graphics (notably the fists on most of the enemies and on the statistic screens before the fights). Did the dump that’s floating around the net suffer bit rot? Does anyone have a 100% working ROM of this game?

I own the actual cartridge (sitting on my desk), and I’d dump mine if I had the tools. I can provide proof of ownership, so it’d be legal to send me a working ROM methinks…

Anyways, have some screenshots of the corrupted Teleroboxer that everyone is playing in their emulators.

Notice the glitched hand…

And then I frame advanced two frames later where the hand changes animation frames…

And it’s fine again.

I don’t remember this happening on my original cartridge. :S

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I noticed the same type of ‘glitching’ while watching a playthru of VB Wario Land on Youtube- for example it happens when Wario was jumping from the foreground to the background and vice versa.

My guess is that the emulator can only properly display the sprite when it’s either in the foreground or in the background. The ROM is probably OK. I’m no expert of course, but that’s my observation.

By “kinda broke”, do you mean it no longer displays and image? If so that’s a easy repair by the professionals on here. I had both my Virtual Boys repaired by different people here and both are in fantastic working order now.

Ah yea Terry… I decided to try some other ROMs and Mario’s Tennis glitches pretty bad. I guess I was wrong to assume that it was the ROM’s fault. :S

Huh… oh well. Guess there isn’t anything we can do about that…

So, any other Teleroboxer fans here?

Maybe you just messed up your mednafen config. Try the one I posten here: http://www.planetvb.com/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?post_id=27737#forumpost27737
and see if it makes a differences.

I have played quit a bit with mednafen and never seen that issue.


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