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Hello all!

I am brand new to the VB scene, I’ve had my 2 Ebay purchased VB’s for about one month now. I did the solder fix to the nicer of the two without any issues. Both VB’s work great although I came across an interesting issue and wanted to put what I learned out there!

While using the SNES wall adapter with the VB Power Adapter I could play Mario Tennis and noticed the stretching/shrinking of the screen which has been talked about on here, as far as i can tell it was only in the left eye. WarioLand also played with the same stretching/shrinking phenomenon.

Things got interesting when I went to play Red Alert. The Aircraft/Ship would not render at all, and about a minute into gameplay the game would always freeze. I then tried Mario Clash, the Intro works fine but when I get to the Menu selection screen the game would freeze. This issue was isolated to only one VB and all games would work fine on my other VB also powered by the DC wall adapter setup.

I then got the idea of powering the problematic VB with the Battery Pack, and all games work perfect and the stretching/shrinking of the left eye is gone.

I got out my multimeter and the battery pack puts out about 8.5v-9v, while the wall adapter outputs 13+ v.

I have come to the conclusion that these consoles can be problematic depending on the voltage you feed them. Has anyone else experienced similar issues? I’d assume replacing the voltage regulator, which isn’t a common part but can be replaced with a properly fitted 7805 would fix my problem, any thoughts?

In short, if you are experiencing any odd issues/freezing, NOT lines (Solder Fix/Ribbon Cable) I would try different power sources and see if your issues are fixed.

Hopefully this helps someone down the road!


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