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Hello my fellow enthusiasts

I was thinking of making a homebrew version of Beat Saber but for VD.
I already have a NES demake concept.
( If your familiar with Beat Saber for current gen then you can have a look here ->

it should make you smile)

Trying to learn a bit about VUEngine but I feel a bit underequipped in terms of my coding knowledge.
Still I have the audio track, pixel art, all the game rules in place so wish me luck :p
Any DMs and PMs from anyone interested in helping are welcome!

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This looks awesome, how could I get my hands on a copy for the NES??

Thank you! Nes Rom is not available right now.
(There’s also issues with Laser Gun, so if it ever gets released it would have to be a pad game)
Of course Virtual Boy version would also have to be played with a pad so it’s not a deal breaker :}

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Sounds Awesome 🙂 i hope that you can finisch it.
Beat Saber with nice VB 3D Effects would make me adicted to play it for hours 😀

This sounds awesome. I was hoping someone would try this.

It would be really cool if you could render the blocks with wireframes, or maybe even polygons. I have no idea how it would be done but there’s a lot of VB homebrew with fully rendered polygons so it’s possible

Have you thought of taking advantage of both d-pads to simulate how the original uses both arms? That’s something that only the VB would be able to do so that would be cool to see. Maybe something like bright red blocks for the left d-pad and dark red/black for the right d-pad. But I have no experience developing for VB so maybe I shouldn’t be talking.

This sounds great, good on ya!

@lumi These are great ideas, especially with the use of both d-pads, never thought about it! Thanks!


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