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Hello my fellow enthusiasts

I was thinking of making a homebrew version of Beat Saber but for VD.
I already have a NES demake concept.
( If your familiar with Beat Saber for current gen then you can have a look here ->

it should make you smile)

Trying to learn a bit about VUEngine but I feel a bit underequipped in terms of my coding knowledge.
Still I have the audio track, pixel art, all the game rules in place so wish me luck :p
Any DMs and PMs from anyone interested in helping are welcome!

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This looks awesome, how could I get my hands on a copy for the NES??

Thank you! Nes Rom is not available right now.
(There’s also issues with Laser Gun, so if it ever gets released it would have to be a pad game)
Of course Virtual Boy version would also have to be played with a pad so it’s not a deal breaker :}

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