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I’m guessing a camera with manual settings would be the best for taking pictures of the VB screen but has anyone got any tips for us with a plain digital camera?

I tried a few methods but at best I got slightly blurry pictures.

I accidentally shot this and I’m pretty pleased with it even if it didn’t came out as I intended (forgot to turn off the flash).

BTW, does anyone know the good way of uploading pictures to this forum. I have tried attaching pici.se and postimage.org thumbnails but it doesn’t really work that well.

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I see artistic value in the photograph you posted. It’s actually beautiful.

I agree. I had to save it (I might use it for wallpaper or something).

I think it’s also technically quite interesting, because somehow your camera was able to capture all the text (which occurs over time) and still get a sharp picture of the LED array producing the pixels. Mind-boggling…

Heh… that’s how all my first pics turn out, since I always forget to turn my flash off until the second shot 😛 . I think there’s a thread somewhere on taking good pics, but basically just turn the flash off, keep the camera and the VB still, and get the lens as close to the eyepiece as possible (and look at the preview to make sure you’re centered in the eyepiece so it doesn’t cut off part of the pic).

For posting pics… what’s wrong with attaching the file, like this (like you did):



You just HAD to find the ugliest shot of the VB around, didn’t you? 🙂

Heh… actually Google did… Virtual Boy image search result #1 😛 .


DogP wrote:

For posting pics… what’s wrong with attaching the file, like this (like you did):


If it’s a large picture everyone that opens the page will download the large picture (perhaps as much as 2MB) and it appears shrunken down. It would be better if a thumbnail picture was shown in the forum and that the large original picture (ideally if the width didn’t fit the width of the forum) was loaded only if someone clicked the small one.

I tried adding pictures from pici.se and postimage.org which handles this automatically but the picture linking software on this site destroys all possibilities of using them. On other forums you can simply add the bbcode links and it’ll work right away.

This attempt of bbcode (hacked for visibility)

… is supposed to show a picture and when pressed it’s supposed to load the url-link, but if this code is used the forum tries to load a picture called …/frogA.png instead of opening the linked adress …/image.php?v=frogA. There is no picture called frogA.png, the forum makes it up itself.

-if you preview your post it works just fine but after submitting it there’s some javascript instead that messes it up.

It can’t be a security measure, I can add any link I want to but just not any link to a picture.


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