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Hello. I need to take screenshots of VB games for my website. I would like to take them myself and not “borrow” them from another website. I tried using 3 different VirtualBoy emulators but they were either buggy, or weren’t working properly. What is the best way to take screenshots of VirtualBoy games?

Thanks in advance!!


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Did you try the latest Reality Boy (from: http://www.goliathindustries.com/vb/ ). If so, which bugs are you seeing? Most games look correct on it, except the few noted in the readme (mostly direct screen drawing games, like 3D Tetris, Red Alarm, and Golf).

Emulators are by far the best way to get screenshots, although you can get decent ones if you get a camera really still into the eyepiece, and if the image you’re trying capture doesn’t have a lot of motion.



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