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Today we have got a (nearly) completely redone screenshots-section for you with lots of new screenshots for example of V. Bowling and Mario Adventure / VB Mario Land and in the new Beta-Screens-section you can find interesting screens of Prototypes and beta-versions of released games!

Talking about proto-stuff… a pic of the E3-prototype of Red Alarm can be found in the picarchive (german version)!! New sprite-rips of Space Squash can also be found in the picarchive. The ebay-history was owerworked and a statistic of the development of the games’ prices was added and the menu was also redone as you can see.

You should also surf over to Virtual-E to find Alberto Covarrubias’ newest VIDE (the VB development tool) version. Over at Virtual-Boy.net Ferry added 7 new screenshots of Dragon Hopper 2 weeks ago (so you already saw them most likely ;). Virtual Boy on guys!

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