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Long ago (not really that long) i had created a horrible mockup of what the VirtualBoy 2 might look like if they ever make it.

I have rethought my idea, now I made an image from scratch of what the headset, controller and a “For Show Only” game disk might look like.

Unlike the VirtualBoy, the VirtualBoy 2 headset and controller would connect VIA bluetooth (or wire) to the virtualboy2 console where the actual game would be loaded. The controller has a wire that can be attached to it and the console so that batteries wouldn’t have to be charged. Also, the console can connect to a TV screen so others can watch the action, it supports up to 4 players and the headset is not needed to play as some people would become very dizzy from it, or are blind in one eye.

Controller has two D-pads, two analog sticks, A & B buttons, Start button, and power switch (only affects the controller).

HEADSET IS ADJUSTABLE. Made of light durable plastics. Comes in classic Black&Red also.

“Virtual Boy classics VOLUME1” includes the original versions of Mario Clash and Wario Land, along with newer color version. Mario clash uses a 3D engine, while Wario Land is still sprite based.

The system itself has a slot for original virtualboy games, but the games only go in about 2cm(0.75in) as there is space needed for the actual in console components. Also the cables for the headset and controller do not sent data, they are only power cords that can be used for charging or playing without worrying about batteries. The reason there are four of each is because you may want to have them all plugged in so batteries wouldn’t be a problem. If you do not plug it in, the headset or TV screen will notify you via a message at the bottom of the screen. If you ignore this message and either the headset and/or controller you are using runs out of batteries, the game will pause and wait for you to press start (if you turn off the headset in the middle of a game this will happen, just press start to skip it), so just plug it in and continue playing. The buttons on the top of the system do the same thing they did on gamecube and they are in the same arrangment, except now they do not need to be pressed as deep. There is a sync button under the disc lid that needs to be pressed to sync additional headsets or controllers.

VirtualBoy2 comes with the the following:
Controller wire
Headset Wire
A/V cables
Power Plug
Virtual Boy classics VOLUME1
Various Manuals

Edit: Here is the same picture that is below, but rushingly recolored to have the same colors as the original VirtualBoy (except the controller is red instead of black)

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I think that’s pretty cool but why have a separate console? It could connect to an existing system like the Wii and in buying the headset you get two original titles like Mario Clash and Wario land. Included also on that disc is the Super Mario Bros. we all wish we had for the original VB. Oh I hope the VB returns someday in a new Nintendo form… and the 80’s too I miss the 80’s. 🙂

The reason is it will be VERY VERY hard to make it work correctly with the wii, also the games on the wii do not have the “Second Camera” thing the Virtualboy two would use, as in the VirtualBoy2 games need to be specially programmed to have two cameras working simultaneously for a 3D effect. Also it would be a seperate system because a Wii Update would not add a second camera to games. Also, the console is seperate from the headset so the headset wouldn’t be heavy (You dont want to have a Wii or something like that on your face). I thought everything over before I posted. You can complain about other things though =P

why cant I edit my original post?

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Well no matter what I do believe that Nintendo will once again unvail another 3D system of sorts considering the VB is the second attempt at 3D. WHAT?!?! Yes tis true, the Famicom “Japanese NES” had 3D goggles for a small hand full of games. Granted these are a far cry from the Virtual Boy but still I look at them as Nintendo’s first 3D hardware. Check it out I’m gonna get them as soon as I can. http://www.famicomworld.com/Doodads/3D_Goggles.htm

i got 1 new in box
here are some pictures of it.

I have edited the main post, some info has changed, and the picture has changed.

I think that’s pretty awesome Edracon!!!

Deadly-D wrote:
I think that’s pretty awesome Edracon!!!


Wow… I just realized it looks like the PS1 and the GameCube had a weird baby.


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