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Hello! Could someone explain me how to do the “bic pen trick” to have a tool to open my VB. I have a lot of glitches and i want to test the oven method.


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There used to be quite a few pages that showed how to do it… I can’t seem to find them now, but this one sorta shows it: http://www.allyourbaseonline.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=184370&sid=b4e0571748c77b918c08baeee173a9e4 . Basically you take a pen, melt the tip, stick it onto a screw head while it’s still melted, let it harden so it forms to the shape of the screw, then turn it like a screwdriver. Let us know how it works out.


Thank you, i now understand how to do this.

The pen is too thick for the holes 🙁

In my experience, the bic pen trick never works. I’ve tried it on lots of different consoles, and all I ever end up with is black shredded plastic coating the screw. The pen will take the shape of the screw head, but the plastic isn’t strong enough to turn the screw, so it just bends and shreds. Instead, you could try DogP’s modify the flathead screwdriver method found here, or you could buy a special bit and grind down the shaft to fit in the VB, which is what I did. The VB is a very difficult object to open…

Yes indeed!


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