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So there are two books out in Japan now on Gunpei Yokoi.

The first is “Gumpei Yokoi’s House of Games Returns”, a reprint of the super-rare original. The second is “The Father of Games: Gumpei Yokoi, the Man Who Created the DNA of Nintendo”. They are each 225 pages long and in Japanese. As far as I know that are no projects to get them translated into English

So, here are my questions:

(1) Does anyone know if these books have any sort of info regarding the VBoy and its design/development process?

(2) I’m considering buying these books but since I don’t speak (or read) any Japanese, would anyone like to help out with translations?


Links to books on Amazon.jp


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Is (was) his name really Gunpei, or Gumpei? I keep seeing both variations…

I just sat through the credits on Galactic pinball, and it said “Gumpei Yokoi”

Wikipedia says:

Gunpei Yokoi, also spelled Gumpei Yokoi (横井 軍平 Yokoi Gunpei).

I guess either is fine?

Depends on the romanization method. Some treat n in the middle of a word as m, since it sounds almost like it to the untrained ear.



Since I am a Virtual Boy AND Yokoi fan really would like these two books but sadly I don’t speak Japanese… 🙁

also in response to DanB: You can spell it as “Gunpei” or “Gumpei”

Modern romanization of Japanese has it as “n”, that is, Gunpei. Gumpei is acceptable since it’s used in older romanization (if you’re into anime, old ones had “sempai”, new ones have “senpai”, for example) Also, there is the older “oh” variation on “ou” (you’ll see a lot of “oh”s at the end of Wario Land 1 for Gameboy).


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