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Hello friendly VB experts!

I just got my first VB via eBay this past week, the description said it wouldn’t power on. In any case it does, sort of, but the mirrors oscillate back and forth to their limits 3 or 4 times then stop.

Based on some research here, I tried checked out the magnets and hit the oscilation sensors with compressed air but still no luck, not to mention it’s very clean inside.

For the record I am running it via a AC adapter with a game inserted.

Because it’s both of them acting up, am I looking at something further upstream in the servo board? If so, is there a way to further diagnose it?

Thanks in advance!

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Bad servo borad. I had something similar on one I bought on ebay with controller and ac adapter, and eye sheild $50 no less. Anyway, one of the mirrors woas rattlling against the frame. it was vibrating too much. The servo board controlls the vibrations. It makes sure that the display leds are synced to the mirrors as I understand it. If the mirrors cant reach a stabile oicillation after three tries it shuts off. I swapped out the servo board on the one I got, and it powered on and I got sound out of it. next I checked for picture by swapping in a known good display, and since it looked like the motherboard was outputing video, I went ahead and solder fixed the displays it came with. Now it’s good as new. I havent diagnosed the problem with the bad servo board yet. I’ll figure that out later. The servo board is on the side opposite to the red lenses and is mounted vertically in the VB. You will need to unscrew the bottom case, unscrew the controller port board, and the sound amp board, then lift everything out of the upper shell inorder to get to the servo board. There are 3 cables connecting to it. One plug for each mirror mechanism, and one for the motherboard. The motherboard wires are disconnected by carefully pulling out the black plastic connetctor clamp without breaking it (thats the tricky part). The other two plugs are easy. Just carefully wiggle them out.


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