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Well, I jumped into an auction and won a, according to the well respected seller, in perfect stat Virtual Boy with Red Alarm, Mario Tennis and Galactic Pinball, also bought Wario Land as it is supposed to be a very nice game!

Any pointers to what I should be careful of/take notice about? I am so excited to get it in, just wanna know/read anything exciting about it until I get it in, as I live in the Netherlands and need to wait a few days before it gets in…..

So count me in as a new Virtual Boy owner!

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:thumpup: Hey thats really cool,dude.
I also live in the netherlands and got my virtual boy a few months back,without any games though.(Bought a couple in the months thereafter.)
Its a nice piece of hardware for any videogame console collector.
I hope that you really can appreciate its uniqueness.
I have noticed that the stand can easely break or the led screens tends to malfuction.Try to be gentle with those parts.
But don’t let that discourage you.
Have fun with it. πŸ˜‰

And always make sure the focus and IPD are set properly, so you won’t get headaches (very few people get them though).

Thanks for the tips! I am sure I will appreciate this piece of uniqueness. Great to see this community is alive, I love talking about those things πŸ˜‰
I will be careful with it and will calibrate the system, already read up on how to do that, as I bought Wario Land I dowloaded the manual here and read about how to do it, so I will!

About the LCD and stand, too bad, I will not be taking it on the road then I guess hehe.
Thanks for the swift replies and nice to see a fellow Dutchman!

Cool finds! I just bought on ebay: Galactic Pinball (US with manual and Tolero Boxer (US with manual) I plan to get the boxes. Thoses are some good games to get. I think my stand broke but it seems to work.

nice to see a athor new dutch virtual boy collector ( me also dutch )

also good choose of games i very like warioland

Too bad the Flashboy isn’t in stock anymore :/ that would have been a nice addition to this console! Ahh well, maybe in the future there will be a new batch?

NVM this remark, they came back in stock and I have mine! The VB is so much more useful with the Flashboy!!!

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And just got in my second! Only for 21.5 bucks, and it works! It was sold “as is” though it works perfectly fine, a bit glitchy displays, but I will repair that no problem. As my former purchase had a damaged stand I bought this purely for the stand, though I got a working unit with it!!!!

It didn’t come with a power supply, though I have enough tools to craft an adapter in it and I will have two working VB’s for a steal if you ask me! Only negative is that this one didn’t come with a visor, though I only can play one at the time so πŸ˜‰
One happy VB gamer here!!!


There are FlashBoy:s to order now, if you still want one. Just click the top right corner.

Make sure you don’t drop it, its fragile


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