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I loved the Virtual Boy because I had one as a kid and it is such a unique fun experience to play it. I also have many other systems. Probably not as much as some of you, but way more than a normal person. While watching a show called the videogame years I learned of a really cool system called Vectrex. I had never heard of it before and it came out the year I was born and it looked so cool. So I started to research it and found a lot of parallels to the Virtual Boy: Tiny number of games, huge homebrew community, and NEEDS to be experienced on the actual system to appreciate it. So I bought one last week on ebay and it recently arrived. It is an amazingly cool system. Check it out if you haven’t looked into one before.

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I’ve been trying to find a reasonable priced one for years, of you don’t mind my inquiry; what did you pay? Also, I highly recommend purchasing a flashcart from our very own MineStorm.

I paid 185 shipped. I actually set an alarm to wake up at like 1:30 am to bid on it. Came with no overlays and 3 games and when it arrived it was very dirty. It works though and it’s a very good price. I might have to do a flash cart I did buy a multicart that has 102 games arriving soon but there are a lot of homebrew games not on it.

Wow, that is a great price! You can purchase reprinted overlays, if it doesn’t bother you.
The fact that it was dirty wouldn’t bother me either, as a nice bottle of rubbing alcohol, diluted with water and some Dawn dish soap can go a long way.

Do the overlays add anything? I’m asking from complete inexperience. They seem like something I would just choose not to use out of inconvenience of switching them.

It’s nothing more then a slight colorization to games. Actually, I wonder why Vectrex games haven’t been ported to the Virtual Boy.

Vectrex is an amazing system. It’s truly unique. I never bought one because I spoke with a person who repaired them and that conversation put me off. Shielded speaker upgrades, wire fixes, caps, controller issues, etc. Plus the 3D goggles are super expensive! lol. I would love to see the games ported to the VB! I played some of them on a PSP EMU, and even started a project to miniaturize and print the overlays for my PSP. My favorite thing about the Vectrex is that it became more popular after they stopped selling it. The Vectex has more homebrew than commercial releases now!

I hope you enjoy it!

The Vectrex is great. I read somewhere that many unsold units where gutted and then used as cardiogram monitors. I was looking for a second gamepad but they are rather expensive and hard to find.

Honestly, Vectrex games could probably be perfectly ported to our beloved Virtual Boy.

I’d like to see:
Cosmic Chasm

Lester Knight wrote:
The 3D goggles are super expensive!

Ben Heckendorn made some: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cv0xo0-SdFU

I have an Atari vector monitor from an Asteroids cab that I’ve been wanting to use in either a custom vector system of my own devising, or with VectorMAME.


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