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I didn’t have much I wanted to do at the time, so I started making box arts. This is my second VB one. Please tell me what your thoughts are, and, if you think it’s any good, suggestions of other ones you would like to see. Enjoy!

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Amazing job! Very nice, unluckily by the moment i have no chance to play it as there is no rom available….

Very Cool!!! :thumpup:

It really is too bad that there couldn’t have been even just a handful more of games released for the VB… but either way, it still my favourite system next to N64 😎

Excellent job !!

Werry fine.

Well i have the proto game fore sale. 3500 $
πŸ™‚ Contact me if any of you are intressted

Looks great, nice job!
LOL @ Robert


Excellent design! I like a lot the image of Chalvo you made for the front side of the box.

@RobertMolander… No comments. We all know each other in this small vboy world πŸ˜•

Nice work.

(For some reason, I’m tempted to look at the box art for Chalvo 55: Super Puzzle Action to compare to this…)

@Robert: I’d be pretty surprised if that cart is legit.

@VirtualboyFreak: I have a feeling there are still some untold secrets.


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