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bh_promoAs promised we have got the next batch of promo videos for you today, and these can even outdo the cool television commercials from the last update. I am talking about, as you may have guessed, two 20-second promos of the unreleased games Bound High! and Dragon Hopper. While the quite disappointing promo of Dragon Hopper only shows a very early boxart, the Bound High Promo will blow your mind with staggering in-game footage! Makes you wanna cry when you realize that you’ll never be able to play this game on your Virtual Boy…

But back to Dragon Hopper again, of which we managed to get the backside of the US boxart! In addition you can now find the box prototype from the Dragon Hopper promo here.

In one of the following updates we’ll have the third and last part of our promo videos online for you, which is videos of all In-Store Promos.

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