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I need play Bound High in my Virtual Boy!! Can I get the rom to somebody?

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A quick search on the Forum would have answered your question. Welcome, btw. 😉

you actually dont want to play it in your flashboy, it is glitchy

So is the Bound Hign ROM that is glitchy in the Flashboy good played on the VB with an eprom cart?

Uh… the VB shouldn’t care what type of memory it is reading the game from.

HorvatM wrote:
Uh… the VB shouldn’t care what type of memory it is reading the game from.

Fair enough, I know nothing of these things so that being the case could it have somethng to do with the way the ROM is dumped/flashed to the eproms/flashboy?
Also are these eprom carts official nintendo ones or a homebrew built type of thing, if official nintendo could there be something built into them different to the flashboy?
Like i say I know nothing of how these things work so sorry if its a dumd suggestion but if anyone does know if the same ROM plays good on eprom cart and glitchy on flashboy I’d like to know.

It doesn’t have anything to do with the Flashboy… someone was trying to sell it a while ago on an EPROM cart and didn’t work right on that either.


Someone tried selling it? On ebay or privately? Someone from here?

Yeah, remember that dude that was trying to sell that handmade cart for $3500 a while back?


Yeah I remember that one, got a bit of greif too if i remember right.

So would it be the dump thats bad?
How does it play on emulator?

No point in asking if anyone got a dump that does play on flashboy, nobody going to admit they have a copy openly on the forum but IMO VB games need to be played on hardware, nothing else comes close.
I have never had trouble with my flashboy and would dearly love to play Bound High fully on hardware with it.

KR155E wrote:
Someone tried selling it? On ebay or privately? Someone from here?

Yes, it was here in the forums a while back. This is the link:


Oh right, THAT case. Now I remember.

im pretty sure there is a memory leak in the code. seems like a tall order to dig through and fix it all but its possible.

You said the rom was glitchy when played on a Virtual Boy system ?
What do you think it’s due to ? A bad dump ? An incomplete code ?
Do you think it would be possible to fix it ? Well, ok the rom is not available and nobody own it except few lucky guys and so my questions could seem stupid . . . but I’m sure the code will be freely available in the next few years and then your answers will be very useful 🙂

Robert is a member at a Swedish game forum as well (vintagegames.se), I wrote and ask about his cartridge, not that I think he still got it.

BTW, I don’t understand how anyone would think that monster were an official Nintendo prototype.

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I just played it on my Flashboy and it’s glitch-free and GREAT! I love the game.

What glitches are happening and when do they happen? I played it on my FB+ and had no issues. Perhaps I didn’t get far enough into the game?

This is an old thread about an old, unofficial version of the ROM. The latest ROM, built from the actual sources with an official compiler, is 100% correct, as far as anyone knows; there should be no more bugs that aren’t part of the code itself (and none have been reported, so far).

the dangers of bumping an old thread =P

thanks for the info. happen to know the CRC of the good dump? E81A3703 perhaps?


Anyone can download the properly built version here, the proper code and the right compiler had been used before AFAIK but it didn’t build right until they got help setting it up right AFAIR.

Damn this site is slow tonight, switched servers to a C64 or what’s up?

Yes the CRC32 is E81A3703.


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