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Did anyone ever notice that Bound High was actually released on Game Boy? Well sort of, but read on… In 1997, one year after their highly anticipated Virtual Boy Puzzler Bound High got cancelled, Japan System Supply released a Game Boy game called “Chalvo 55 – Super Puzzle Action” in Japan. As the name lets you guess, it’s a puzzle game starring Chalvo, the main character of Bound High, and it also plays very much like a 2D version of the unreleased VB puzzle game. Your goal is to collect all hidden crystals in a level and avoid any dangers like enemies or spikes. The game is quite fun and it gives you an idea how Bound High would have played like, so pick up a copy if you can. Here are some screenshots of the game:


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I finally found a copy of this game for Gameboy today, it has taken me months of snipe buyers getting it before me. But today I can rejoice as being one of the owners now.

Everyone should add “Chalvo 55” to their eBay saved searches as this game is a must have.


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