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Just wondering if anyone here would be interested in looking at the bound high source and trying to find whatever the problem is that makes it glitchy.

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I can tell you that the source is perfectly fine… it’s the port to gcc that caused the glitchiness. And I believe I know who did the port to gcc, and if anyone could do it right, it’s him.

Unless you have the ported code, it’d be a HUGE job to get as far as he did, and then you’d likely still have the same problems, which you’d then have to debug… but I assume he tried to debug it as well as he could, which is as good as probably any of us could.


If we work together on it perhaps it solveable.

What compiler is the original source written for then? Is it not possible to use that one?

I’m not to keen on the “no use in trying unless you’re an expert”-mentality.

Has anyone tried compiling with the new tools that came out? I’m thinking of the Japanese floppies that were posted a few months ago…

The official compiler does not generate usable VB binaries, but ISX files, which is the ROM with additional debug information. There are ISX converters for the Game Boy for example, even a homebrew one called abISX, so it should be possible to convert such an ISX file to a playable VB binary. So we’d either have to find official tools to do this task (if any exist) or try for ourselves. The discs come with the two sample programs, if anyone wants to give it a try. The other possibility would be using a VUE-Debugger. As far as I understand, it is possible to compile source directly into a useable ROM using the Debugger, but I am missing the official SCSI interface card, so I am not able to do it. Unfortunately, the card seems to be nearly impossible to find, and any other SCSI card does not seem to work, I tried a few.

How does the glitchiness of the “bad” version of the rom manifest itself?

the game runs slow, has some buggy objects and crashes out so you cant play it very long at all.


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