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Finally i have recieve my new store demo games and whas tinking to share them here with a pic ( Boxed Jap Versions )

( also have look for info on how much there are but i see that Teleroboxer is not called on this site )

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Looks great!! Can we share the games too? πŸ˜€ . Congratulations , your collection is amazing !!

You threw the keychain in there to tease me, didn’t you? πŸ˜›

Nice lookin’ tiny collection you’ve got there. 😎 πŸ˜€

πŸ™‚ i like to tease you yes lol

Let me tease you some more and put 2 photo’s from it on here
( it looks like its discolered on the photo’s but thats not tihnk the flash off my camara did this )

you are so lucky!

you have my dream collection of VB stuff!

*possible jealousy* πŸ˜‰


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