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I found a Japanese patent for a breast and shoulder mounted Virtual Boy holder, simply titled “Holder” in the patent, which I have never seen before. New unreleased accessory to add to the database I guess. πŸ™‚


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Nice find!

Cool find,whether there was a prototype of it?

That’s a hell of a mount.

Haha, that is sick! Pretty bizarre πŸ˜€

That’s very interesting… Not sure if I’d be sporting that thing where anybody could see me, but at least they were trying, lol

I think a floor stand option making it sorta into a “stand up arcade” sorta style woulda been a cool option to have

Sweet find!

Include the VB it look’s like a Diving Mask/Rebreather πŸ˜•

NOW! The Virtual Boy is REALY! PORTABLE!

Walk arround with it, Play with it, when and were ever you whant! NOW! With the ultra Portable Virtual Boy Body Mount everything is possible in the third Dimension of the Virtual Boys 32Bit Power Processor!
NOW you Play with Portable Power!

That could be the advertisement from Nintendo mid 90’s xD compared with a wired guy that walks along the Streets or his School and plays Virtualboy xD

I think i would buy that for a $ πŸ˜€

Thanks that is so cool! That picture may just be worth printing out on nice paper, framing, and hanging up in the game room!

That is really cool, but it reminds me of a facehugger for some reason.

The world keeps on giving.. This is awesome. Wish someone would make something similar to sell, even if in extremely limited numbers.

ALZO Bod-A-Boom Hands Free Camera Shoulder Mount

If you added the Virtual Boy to camera mount you could totally use this.

For $200?! It’d be cheaper to pay someone to hold it for you πŸ˜‰


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