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Hi all,
I just wanted to pick your brains on my Virtual Boy unit which unfortunately doesn’t work anymore after a house move.
When i tilt the unit, there’s a sound of something small that has been broken or disconnected rattling around the unit. There’s nothing that comes through on the screen or any sound input through the headphones. Also there’s no sound/hum of any kind through the unit itself.

Can anyone tell me what they think this fault could be and is it economically/possible viable to repair? Also is there anywhere that repairs these units within the UK or Europe?

Many thanks for any assistance or help that you can give me.

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Can you open it up and take a picture of the loose part ?

As Minestorm said, can you open it up yourself? I have some spare parts when needed, but if you are lucky you can just plug some stuff back in and you are done.

If that is not the case, I am able to help you out with repairs and live in the Netherlands, just so you know!
If you want me to, just send me a PM.

Thanks guys. I’ll see if i can get it open later today and post some pics.


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