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Could someone slap together a quick button check tool?

I’m imagining a picture of the controller or just the buttons and an indication when you press that button – to use when checking original controllers or map buttons/find mapped buttons when running emulation.

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Reality Boy Demo 1 does exactly what you need. 🙂

I had imagined someone would already have made it, but I couldn’t think of a better way to search for one than to ask for it. 😉


It works just fine in Realty Boy but in Mednafen the buttons hang and there’s graphical glitches.

When pressing any of the directional pads the last button that (not being a directional pad) was pressed is also indicated but with a missing piece as soon as I release that directional pad direction.

Also when I release a button it is indicated as pressed until I press another button.

Perhaps it’s because I have both a standard USB-keybard and a PS/2 keyboard (wireless IR receiver) connected at the same time but no other software that I’m running seems to have a problem.


Have you tried that demo on real hardware? I seem to remember that demo being buggy on hardware too.


Nope… anyone else?

Anyone with a FlashBoy that could easily do it?


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