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i saw in some ones picture a blox game and box. i havn’t been on the vb scene in quite some time but i’ve decided to pick it all up again and i was wondering did that homebrew game get made and sold or did the creator just make one for himself or what?

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Hi Billy, I believe the Blox game images you saw are the ones I made. This summer I had some free time, and dedicated it to get “commercial blox” made. I made the box and the instruction manual for myself, and got a lot of help from the “Virtual Boy gurus” to get the cartridge made. Unfortunately it is not available for sale, sorry. Also, now that Flash Boy is available, I don’t think anyone would buy a Blox cart, having the possibility of buying a Flash Boy (although I think the final result of the “commercial blox” is cool πŸ˜€ )

Ohh lol well thats very impressive and considering ur the only person in the world that has 1 i am also very jelous πŸ˜› .. and ye i sent in the request for the pre order of the flash boy so i will be able to enjoy blox as well i just hope he makes a new batch shortly as i am very impatient lol

Well youre wrong about not buying it , because I WANT to buy it XD πŸ™‚

If I see one , it’s mine! πŸ˜›

LOL, Mysticmaus. You could also think about making one yourself. The difficult part is the cartridge, but I think that Richard H., the designer of Flashboy, had some flash chips and boards which were not suitable for Flashboy, but were perfect to make the Blox cart. You could ask him if they are for sale. If you get that, I can supply you the JPEG images so that you can print them and make it yourself. You just need pritt glue, a Jap Virtual Boy game box (preferrably Vertical Force, which is black and suits perfectly) and a good colour printer (I used an HP Laserjet colour 2600n with Premium Laser Photo Paper – Glossy)… and time to do it! πŸ™‚

It’s funny because I was just talking to Chris about it today. He is thinking about doing a small run of Blox in the future.

But, if you want to do it yourself then just send me a donor cart and I’ll convert it for you.

Hey, that’s great! Feel free to use my designs for it! πŸ™‚


Like i said , i’m very interested XD , if you do a small run in the future i will be the first one in line πŸ˜›

This is my first post on PVB because just the mention of a run of Blox has coax me out of my shell. As above posters, I’d definitely buy a copy if there was ever a run of them.
Might be worth considering, there could be some money to be made here by the people with the knowledge.

I full-heartingly agree with my comrades, being able to buy Blox would be a marvelous step to the future. I mean the idea of a brand new VB game on an actaul VB cartridge for sale could fund the site and people’s pockets. It’d be big news in the gaming world, and would help start the begining of a grand Virtual Revival with the inspiration to make more games. Can you see it? I do, in my mind I can see big colorful banners “Blox Add To Shopping Cart” along with other games like “Virtual Puyo Pop” and “Soda Warrior:A Cola War Conquest”

Feel free to use the latter for any game ideas, however selling the “Virtual Puyo Pop” would probably lead to legal troubles with Sega, but I’m getting to ahead of myself here.

PS: I’d buy Blox if not for any reason other than it’s the first VB game made in over 8 years. Plus… Tetris 3D and Panic Bomber are hard to find for my puzzle fix

I SOO Totally agree with you guys above me , I’m won’t even hecitate to buy Blox or another new game for the Virtual Boy if it comes out ^_^

It will brighten up my collection πŸ˜€

Gotta go with the crowd on this one…

Flashboy or not, I would definitely buy a commercial version of the cart. It shows support for the developer (whoever that nutcase may be) πŸ˜‰ and on top of that makes a very nice addition to the collection. As much as I love flash carts nothing beats having an original game in an original box!

(ps, just kidding about the nutcase thing.. don’t wanna wake up tomorrow and be banned) πŸ˜›

I’d also be interested in Blox if a copy was ever to become available. It’s always great to see new releases come out for classic systems. πŸ™‚

I would also be willing to pay for one of these if they were ever produced

I’d buy one, too.

that’s a very old case.

we wanted to produce blox in a very limited quantity, round about 50 copies or so around 3 years ago, but we have never finished.. the main problem are the costs, we are not sure if you guys are willing to pay usd 50+ for this game, as this were the accumulated costs some years ago per game, boxed, with manual etc. the cartridges won’t be any problem, as we can use some mario’s tennis for example and overwrite them…

let’s see what happens in future, maybe there will some other games made, or we can produce blox along with some demo stuff..

we would also already have a publisher and i can’t imgaine that nintendo has anything against it, but we should be careful anyway…

as we can use some mario’s tennis for example and overwrite them…

How can you overwrite a ROM ?

Or do you mean swap out the chip for another ?

swap out sorry ~_~

actually, it’d be possible to build cartridges using richard’s flashboy pcb design, but obviously without the usb connector and with a rom instead of a flash chip. this would reduce the costs for parts and work compared to the flashboy, so a complete game might costs around 40 eur.

since many people seem interested, i might consider a limited release, maybe 30 carts, but for now i am working at full capacity on the flashboy project, dev compo, my band’s new album, and university.

if this ever becomes reality, i would find i cool to first update blox for this, make a sequel, or a new game, though.

we’ll see…

I’d buy one for sure! πŸ˜€

Hm, 40€ is expensive, but I thinkt that I would buy one to!


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