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Hi there,

I’m in the UK I recently got a USA VB and today I got a TAP from CEX. I was expecting the US verion of the TAP but it ended up being Japanese. I looked through this forum and can see people saying US VB + JAP TAP can work fine with the correct power supply in the UK. I also found a link on this forum (directly below) which has a JAP TAP power supply for sale.

Power Supply for Nintendo Virtual Boy Japanese

Would this be able to power my USA VB? If not can you recommend the appropriate power supply please?

Thanks! 🙂

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I’m also from UK with a US Virtual boy with a JP Tap and yes. The Japanese tap works. I used the 100v Famicom AC adapter and it worked well.

It seems the original mega drive power brick also seems to work… according to some sources

Thanks for your response. I actually decided after reading a few posts to buy a UK megadrive for this reason. I own a couple of megadrive games I was saving for a future sega nomad purchase, but I saw one that looks really good and it was only £29 delivered, not much more than power supply! So it made sense. I went and bought a smart TV yesterday from CEX with scart RF and component connectors in preparation! 😂

My concern is it won’t work, perhaps because the TAP is broken. I doubt CEX tested it. I’ll probably return it if it doesn’t work. I’ll post an update here once I’ve received the megadrive and have tested the PSU.

Update: I can confirm that the following combination works

US virtual boy
JP power TAP
UK sega megadrive power supply

No more batteries for me!


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