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Hi people, I’m living in Japan now for hopefully 11 more months and today I was at a store and found Chalvo 55 for Gameboy for cheap, and I already have the game so I thought I’d pass it on to the community so to speak, it’s cartridge only by the way? Who wants it?

First come first serve, I guess…
PM me with your address!

In case you don’t know, Chalvo 55 is a semi-sequel to the unreleased Bound High, and now a kind of puzzle platformer.

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i sent you a pm by the way!

Oh neat, I’ve been meaning to pick that one up. I assume you already found someone, so let me know if you find another one within the next 11 months 🙂 I’ll pay for it.

Of course, there are hundreds of JPN GB games I want, but this is a significant one.

The game goes to JoePassive!

I’ll be back if I find another one for cheap.

I’m looking for one! 🙂

thank you so much for this . it’s awesome


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