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Hy there…..
somebody just offerd me space squash for 60 euros….do u think this is a good price? How much money did u spend for ur rare games? :question: :question: :question:

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It’s not a bad price. I paid 30 Euro’s for my space squash but I dont think the guy knew what he was doing heh. 60 is worth it though because it is such a good game 🙂

Got mine for 28 € at ebay too. I would suggest looking around in eBay a bit before buying it ^^

I bought V-Tetris for less than 5€ 😀

5$ is good, but its one of the cheapest games for the VB. If you look through ebay you can see that most of the VTetris games never get selled.
But 5$ is a good price…
I’ve bought Space Squash now for 35 euro…and no shipping costs!
I’m happy with that.
Oh yes …and I got virtual Golf for 10 euros….YESSSSS !


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