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(aka: CGE2K8 FlashBoy’s for available!)

Since you are here then you probably have been following the Nintendo Virtual Boy scene over the last couple of years. So you will have noticed development of a flash RAM cartridge for the Nintendo Virtual Boy. Better known to the community as the “FlashBoy”, this Virtual Boy flash cartridge provides both homebrew developer and fan alike the ease of loading games into a flash RAM cart via USB connection to your computer. This is a was a cool project brought to fruition by the Virtual Boy community.

I am a slight fan of the Virtual Boy, and also and exhibitor at Classic Gaming Expo (big Vectrex museum display). So I was going to offer a few FlashBoy’s for sale at CGE2K8. The three musketeers heading up the show have decided they to sit it out this year and swill beer at home. So I am left with a few FlashBoy’s to offer the classic gamers out there. (not that the Virtual Boy is all that classic yet)

Private message me, Vectrexer, if you would like to take delivery of a FlashBoy. Otherwise you will be stuck in the queue until the next batch of FlashBoy’s are ready.

The cost is 80€. About ($123.74 in today’s USD) But shipping for these FlashBoys will be will be added as they were already shipped to me.

I do ask that you mention to Chris that your FlashBoy pre-order has been fullfilled with the purchase from me. Just to keep all the records straight,,, and fair.



Note to the other Classic Gaming show promoters and operators out there:
I would love to support your charity auction activities. If you would like to reserve a Flashboy for your on-site show auction let me know. All I ask is that you cover my cost for the FlashBoy. In return you get a very unique Virtual Boy item. Any profit beyond my cost is your’s to distribute to your favorite charity.


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