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Tonight the first Planet Virtual Boy Coding Competition ended. We got a total of 6 entries, including some real gems! You can download all zipped up in one file here.
Please take your time to review all entries before casting your vote. In this secret vote, each user (registered before the project deadline) has 10 points, which he can freely distribute to the submitted projects. You will have one week for this. On October 7th, the results will be announced!


Read on for an overview of all entries (in order of their submission date). More infos and discussion about each project can be found in the repective forum thread.

Mario VB


Hover Demo

MIDI music player

Mario Kart Virtual Cup

VB Racing

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my respect to everybody who submitted a project, i LOVE them all! i am off, gonna feed my VB. 🙂

Today Evolutiongames has sent me the Flashboy…. I want to test and play all of them!!!! 😀 GREAT!!

amazing work! i’m so glad this competition happened. these games/programs are all so great! it will be hard to decide on a ‘winner’.

I don’t have a FlashBoy, but I’ll try all of these out with RealityBoy.
It’s good to see some new games for the VB…! :thumpup:

Great entries everyone! I’m ready to cast my vote. (And no, I won’t vote on myself :P)


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