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As promised, here are the final results of the community voting for the “Virtual Fall” Coding Competition. Congratulations and thanks a lot to all contestants for their great entries!

  Project Points
Game Boy Emulator by M.K.
107 (28%)
Zpace Racers by DanB
71 (19%)
Wireframe Library by Greg Stevens
58 (15%)
Mario Combat by thunderstruck
50 (13%)
Deathchase by HorvatM & RunnerPack
44 (12%)
Flappy Cheep Cheep by DogP
33 (9%)
3D Crosswords by VirtualChris
17 (4%)
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Well done all involved, some top notch stuff going on.
Must admit my play time on each was a little restricted due to my spare VB suddenly not displaying at all, so my plan to play each one while at work for a full lunchtime session failed, and me being slack in getting the other one out a bit late, like Saturday night, meant banging through these to try and give an honest score.
However the rankings turned out it does not detract from the excellent work across the board, I thank you all for increasing the VB library a little more.

Well done to M.K and all other entries. Great work across the board.

Thank you everyone who voted! It’s a community like this that plays a big part in what makes developing for the VB so fun! And an extra congrats to M.K for a well deserved first place!

Great stuff indeed

Now lets not see only demos like the last competition but actuall finished games and ofcourse more Wireframe Library games
Maybe a Mario in Wireframe 😛

congrats on some fantastic entries this year with a worthy winner!

The first thing I did when the VB/GB was released was to try to get my favourite GB game to work on it. that game is MONSTER MAX a 3D isometric game that would look fabulous on the VB, but it wouldn’t play, any chance this can be amended.
its a puzzle game so speed isn’t an issue.

Boy am I glad to see what has happened during my absence. The work is incredible.


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