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Have a great collection you want to show off? If so, the Midwest Gaming Classic ’07 (June 9-10, 2007) is looking for more collectors to help make this year’s event our best since the convention’s inception in 2001.

Every year the Midwest Gaming Classic has set out to have a vast collection of systems on display and sometimes playable in our “museum” area, from decades-old Atari 2600 & Pong machines, to the more uncommon systems like a Super A’Can & PC-FX, to even the more contemporary Xbox 360’s & Wii’s. In the past the museum has been put together by a few collectors including myself that specialize on a wide variety of gaming consoles, but this year it is our hope to have more collectors collaborate by focusing on specific consoles, publishers/developers, or hardware manufacturers like Nintendo, Sega, and NEC, thereby producing a more complete museum.

So for example, while I personally have something like a Virtual Boy and a few games that I bring as part of the show, another collector that has focused more of their attention on the Virtual Boy could potentially have things like an in-store display unit, marketing materials, and some of the more uncommon games that I might not have, or simply have no room for in my vehicle. By including more collectors with their individual preferences into the show, it is our hope that we can create something truly remarkable this year.

If you’ve never heard of the Midwest Gaming Classic, it is an annual video game convention held in the Olympia Resort & Conference Center between the Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL areas. During the last two events, the convention has attracted more than 1,200 people on average, improving attendance every year since its inception in 2001. The convention is a place where people can play, buy, and sell a variety of different video game-related items including consoles, pinball machines, and stand-up arcades. For more information, you can view the convention’s website at http://www.midwestgamingclassic.com.

If you’re a collector interested in showing at the event, here’s a little more information about the museum area itself:

<> Once you contact me and we agree to have you as part of the museum team, you will be given a portion of our allotted space to create a booth in the museum, as well as free admittance. If you’re interested in staying at the resort during the convention, hotel rooms are $94 a night (the same discounted rate I also pay.)
<> The convention is a very safe spot to show off your stuff. Since the convention’s inception in 2001, we’ve virtually never had a problem with any sort of theft, and the attendees have generally kept very good care of the items that are playable.
<> Despite this exceptionally good track record, we continue to remain proactive by having security present, as well as creating additional theft deterrent devices for this year’s show. Rooms are locked every night.

If you’re a collector interested in showing at the event, you may contact me at mwgc_museum@yahoo.com and I can go over any further details.

Thank you for your interest!

– J.D. Norman
Midwest Gaming Classic Co-Organizer

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