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thats right.

well anyway when i got a few boxed virtual boy games with manuals from my dad at christmas i looked at the manuals they are all in colour it made them more interesting and i read them….. i also bought a ps3 game recently and the manuals black and white, now im guessing its cheaper to have black and white manuals compared to colourful ones i dunno if its nintendo or what but does anyone know why they sold the games with manuals in colour because the virtual boys didnt sell so well i thought theyd want as much money as possible, thinking why a ps3 game and many other games the manuals are black and white to save money i guess.

anyway what are your thoughts on the manuals being colourful

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Well, if the manuals were colorful they might attract more people than simple black and white ones. Also, the NES manuals were in color so that is probably the way they did things back then, actually Nintendo still does color manuals today.

Also, no offense, but punctuation might help next time.

Today’s game manuals are black & white/grayscale probably because it’s cheaper to print them. I think that the same thing happened to PC game packages: the old games had a big, colorful box with nicely drawn art with floppies, a manual, a registration card, technical support info and sometimes even more stuff inside. Nowadays, they’re just sold in DVD boxes. But I have never found game manuals to be helpful.


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