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Two questions:

1. How can I convert an integer to a string without having to use an ugly hack like this:

char x_str[3];

My libgccvb.h doesn’t have itoa(), so that’s what I’ve been using.

2. I need a better way of clearing the screen of text than this:

int Cls ()
  i = -1;
  while(i < 28)
    i++;                //that's 48 spaces right there
    vbTextOut(0, 0, i, "                                                ");
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Why not just copy over itoa from a newer version of libgccvb? 🙂

I don’t think the code you posted is ugly… It’s a little limited, but perfectly serviceable.

If you can’t find itoa() or want even more text formatting power, you could use dasi’s posprintf() port:


And as for clearing text, just use setmem() on the BGMap segment you’re using for text output. Something like:

setmem(BGMMBase + (row * 128 + column * 2), 0, );

Where BGMMBase = 0x20000 (in case it’s not defined in your libgccvb.h).

You could wrap it in a “cls()” function, if you like.


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