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The VB is a great system with great games, let’s face it. I honestly think it was just pushed to market too quickly, underdeveloped. If Nintendo had worked more on the system, would it still have been a relative commercial flop? Could have been more successful? What do you think?

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I personally think if the VB could of had the main three”Mario,Zelda,and Metroid. The fate would of been better for the Virtual boy. But then there is the issue of adjusting it so the user could see 3-D and not get a headache, How could this of been overcome? My answer is this it should of come with a videotape that was called future games. Once you watch it it would show 3 games in the works then it would show how to properly adjust a Virtual Boy for the greatest experience then it would go back to showing 3 more games and after it show how to adjust a VB and so on. The problem with everybody is they are too much into the radio station WIIFM (what’s in it for me) but with a tape that shows future games I think people would of given the VB more of a chance.

Long term, no. Short-medium term I think yes it could.

Over the decades we have had news continue amazingly to trickle out of what was in development by words minimally, but up the scale from a few images, some developers speaking up with packets of info, and to the top tier of a dumped demo or moderately to finished prototype like Bound High.

The quality bar had been under the development of being raised into a second generation of titles that really did work the system a bit better. Had Faceball, Bound High, Dragon Hopper, that potential Mario game, the f-zero style copy game, and others made it, it could have caught on for a longer time.

But we know what happened, Nintendo pulled in a way a Sega, they wanted to purge the old distraction because they had something in the wings, but unlike Sega who like morons rushed out the Saturn a half year early while killing off their money makers (GG+Genesis/MD) Nintendo thought the Ultra/n64 would make 1995 and cause a split, so they slit the throat of the VB development. Had they not done this we could have had at least another 1-2 maybe 3 years of time on the hardware depending how future games would have worked out, and odds are we would have seen more even imported like Space Invaders and maybe Insmouse. We likely if sales were fine easily would have had more Hudson properties too, perhaps Atlus, who knows.

It never would have been a long term success as the hardware was strange and unfairly lied about and panned over so called eye damage. Partly because some people have health issues they discovered, but largely media troll hype mixed with selectively illiterate wankers who refused to setup the knob and slider and then got a headache or eye strain which was their fault alone. Gameboy still would have stagnated either way which would have helped too, but once Pokemon/Pocket Monsters dropped VB would have been very ignored too, but as N64 fizzled due to a lot of lies and cartridge size/costs in later 1997 who knows maybe VB could have been the filler system waiting for a new 64 title.


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