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I know this has been discussed a bit in the past, but I suspect several more people have succeeded and/or failed to make one since it was last discussed. I wanted to create a topic and ask people to contribute how they actually ended up making their adapter, pictures, lessons learned, etc, rather than just explaining hypothetically about how one might do it.

The basics seem simple enough since it is passive… all you need is the pinout. But specifically, I’m wondering a few things:

-how you handled the power situation (and does anyone know the proper female adapter to use the factory SNES AC adapter?)

-what kind of switch did you use?

-is there anyway to or did you yourself create a microcontroller to change the button mapping? I’m not an expert, but I could envision some kind of setup where with the appropriate microcontroller one could hold Start when powering on for one mapping; hold Select for another… and so on.

Thoughts/pictures/write-ups? Discuss.

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I’m building some more of these SNES to VB adapters if people are interested. Very small run but a few people are asking.

The latest iteration. Updated connector from my 3D printed extension design. SNES plug and power switch are purchased parts.

Thanks for all the work you do mellott124!


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