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Hey everyone-

I was all fired up to play some Faceball: Remastered today since it was delivered this morning! First, I decided to take a break from soldering glitchy VB display cables and also buying extra display cables on eBay to replace melted/destroyed ones (in no particular order) to work on another project…the custom Virtual Boy stand!

I’m a drummer, and one night at band practice I had a revelation while the guitar players were busy arguing over a riff…could one of my boom-arm, tripod cymbal stands be modded somehow to hold a VB head unit? These stands have an almost infinite range of adjustment, and if they can hold a 22″ diameter heavy duty ride cymbal, the rather light VB should be no problem.

Long story short, it works great. I’ll feel stupid if someone else already made this kind of thing ages ago, but it’s “new to me” πŸ™‚

It’s pretty easy once the overall design is figured out. You will need:

—1x boom-arm tripod cymbal stand, cheap ones work fine. (http://www.musiciansfriend.com/drums-percussion/sound-percussion-sp880bs-double-braced-boom-stand)
—1x two-inch metal corner brace (try home depot, door/hinge section). Really, any L-shaped piece of solid metal that’s around 2″ long on each side works.
—2x 1.5″ diameter washers, with a hole wide enough to fit over the threading on the stand where the cymbal would go (my stand needed 5/16″)
—2x #4 machine screws, 1/2″ long should be fine.
—2x #4 hex nuts, 4x #4 washers.
—1x Virtual Boy with stand (remove the medallion and legs from the clamp mechanism).
—Power drill with 7/64 and 5/16 bits.

Basically, all you have to do is drill a hole near the center of one side of the metal corner brace. This hole should be wide enough to fit on the stand where you would put a cymbal. Then, drill two holes on the other side of the metal corner brace, but a little above center nearer the top edge (these are the holes where you will mount the actual Virtual Boy clamp/holder). This part was a little tricky, as you have to hold the VB clamp up to the brace and mark where the holes should be located, and then drill accurately.

Once you do that, it’s just a matter of assembling- put one of the 1.5″ washers on the cymbal holder (most stands come with a plastic or metal “spacer” that keeps the cymbal resting near the very end of the arm). Then place the corner brace above that, then the other large washer. Screw the wingnut that comes with the stand back on as if you were securing a cymbal; make sure the washer/corner brace setup sits on the arm where there is still threading, because you need to tighten the stand’s wingnut all the way down and then some. The pressure the wingnut exerts on the washer/brace thing will keep it from rotating or drifting down (stupid gravity). The last step is to just put the #4 screws through the two holes on the bottom of the VB clamp, and then through the two holes you drilled on the corner brace. Secure with a washer and hex nut on each of those screws, tighten all the way, and enjoy!

This is kind of a rushed (yet long-winded) description, I have to head into work soon…but see the pics to get an idea of how mine looks. Let me know what you think, and any questions/clarifications to address, more pics needed, etc. If there is any such interest, I would consider making some more for you all to use. My next step is to make a hook mechanism that is attached to the corner brace where you can hang the controller between gaming sessions. Similarly, I may rig up an attached cupholder where you can deposit the AC adapter when not in use. Lastly, I think there is a way to build the corner brace setup so that thing itself screws onto the cymbal stand, which would prevent unwanted rotating of the head unit.

If you’re like me and have a few stands with broken medallions, you can fix one of those with the heavy-duty replacements available on this forum, and use another one for this project :).

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Also- sometimes it can be a little frustrating trying to manipulate all the joints and parts of these tripod stands to get the cymbal or VB where you want. But, once you’re used to it, I’m finding that this stand can pretty much let you play from any chair, standing up, lying in bed, etc. The important thing to remember is having one of the tripod legs directly under the VB unit so it’s less likely to tip over. A simple counter-weight could also fix this problem πŸ™‚

brilliant. i’ll have to try this w/ one of my extra boom stands πŸ˜€

Seriously Sweet>B! I like how you took the parts you had and made a better mousetrap Kudos!

Haha, it is definitely not that kind of thing you want to have set up when a girl enters your apartment after a date. She might think you want to torture her.

It is a very clever idea though. I always hated the normal stand.

How did you like faceball?

Glad you guys like πŸ™‚

-Another drummer here? Nice. My band’s color theme has been red and black for years, so it’s funny that I love all things VB and my guitarist loves the Atari Jaguar, which sort of has the same colors in its design.

-Funny enough, a lady friend already commented on this project and thought it was adorable that I have this obscure system. The lye, pliers and soldering iron in my “Virtual Lab” where I’m repairing glitchy display cables took some ‘splaining though heh…

-Another update, they also make cymbal holders with just that boom arm and a double-ended clamp mechanism at the end. This lets you clamp the arm onto an existing stand without adding another whole tripod. I may try using that for another VB holder you can clip on a lamp or something, especially if you always play in the same location and don’t need a mobile stamd πŸ™‚

-Lastly, I realized that this stand I have may feature an extra long boom arm, so I’ll experiment and see if a shorter one still works ok.

Oh and Faceball is great! I love the packaging too, glad to be like one of 100 people with it :).It’s harder than the prototype version, or at least that’s what I thought. I’ll show Wraith what’s up when I get home and play a few rounds later though…

This thread really needs a bump.

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awesome stand! i want one! you should sell them on ebay for real… πŸ˜›
here is a picture of mine… JK found it on another post. I think i like your stand better.


Baptist wrote

here is a picture of mine… JK found it on another post. I think i like your stand better.

Yeah that’s Cyberdyne’s answer. Way much coveted! Thats for sure!;-)

Wow haha, thanks for the bump guys :p. I would like to start selling them. They’re really easy to make if you have a power drill. I got sidetracked with so many projects that I never found a more color coordinated option for the bracket, but I guess it doesn’t matter πŸ™‚

Well if anyone is interested, I’d be happy to make more…just PM me. Working on one that doesn’t require taking apart an original VB stand too.

I wanted to buy one but my wife said no way. I suppose I’ll have to wait until Im already in the dog house. How much would one cost shipped to alpena mi 49707 usa?

Pm’d πŸ™‚

This looks like the best custom design yet for a stand. I’ve been contemplating how to fashion one similarly but would need my metalworker brother in law to help me with the tools and getting it done.

Have any of you purchased/tried one of these out yet?


I just grabbed one so i can give it a shot with a custom flexible tripod setup.

KJ4860 wrote:
Have any of you purchased/tried one of these out yet?


I just grabbed one so i can give it a shot with a custom flexible tripod setup.

Wow… that looks pretty nice, and the price is very reasonable. That’s kinda funny that someone else had the same idea… I was bored a couple months ago and quickly threw together a design for a 3D printed VB tripod mount as well. I didn’t really like how it turned out though and never got around to improving it. But that one looks way better, if it works as advertised (no screws, springs, etc. needed).

The thing I quickly found was that a full size tripod isn’t really convenient to use for playing, since the legs are kinda in your way (something with a boom would be much more convenient)… and the flexible one isn’t really sturdy enough standing as a tripod. The flexible one may work if you’ve got something to wrap it around, but the VB is kinda heavy for it. The best one would probably be a small tabletop tripod… but by the time you buy the adapter and a small tripod, it’s probably more expensive than a real VB stand.


Dog, I think we had the same idea lol

I ended up getting a GorillaPod as well, but not the original version. The SLR Zoom variant (in Black and Red, ofcourse) can supposedly handle up to 6lbs without a problem.

So this + 360Β° ball mount + 18″ heavy-duty gooseneck extension should allow the VB to be playable in any position.

Will report back.

PM’ed (i’m in the dog house, now is the time to buy)

I r

Baptist wrote:
PM’ed (i’m in the dog house, now is the time to buy)

PM’d back, might as well make the dog house more fun to stay in πŸ˜‰

Those replacement things on ebay are pretty nice, I may pick some up since I have more VBs than stands. I recently found a mini microphone stand that has a pretty heavy base and 14″ boom arm or so…might try using that for a smaller tabletop stand.

holler for a dollar.


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