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Since I couldn’t find any tools that allow editing stereoscopic images, I have build a little helper that acts as a live preview while I edit the left and right eye parts of a stereo image in my favorite graphics editor.

The attached archive contains a HTML file that has a canvas element and a bit of JavaScript which draws an anaglyph image onto the canvas from two specified source image files. You can specify the source images and zoom level using the input fields on top.

One thing I would also like to implement one day is constant redrawing of the canvas to achieve a live preview that automatically displays your changes.

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This is a neat tool. I like it. I haven’t written anything for the Web in ages, but can’t you just toss a meta tag in there with a 1 min refresh?

Thanks, Lester! You can reload the entire page, yes, but that would result in a flickering image since the whole page is constantly destructed and constructed again. I haven’t tried yet, but I assume that there won’t be any flickering if you only reload the images and redraw them to the canvas in a loop.

That’s pretty cool, Chris! Why not whip up a full-blown editor while you’re at it? 😉

Ive dabbled a time or two in stereo scopic 3d graphics Ive found there are 2 main ways to draw stereo scopic 3d graphics. The first is the most obvious just draw with a lot of layers and logically move the layers in the right image so that they are Parallaxed. The second is the way I prefer so I’m going to share it w you. I first draw the 2d image on the left side then on the left I copy the image and put it on the right side. Now I change element by element what I want to be in 3d and I use a bright loud color like a lime green. Now I can make all of my changes in my graphic as long as I’m only dealing w one color. and when the changes are done since I’m working in Graphics Gale I simply use the color replacer and smear in the correct color with a large brush. When it’s done i have a nice stereo scopic image w few layers.

Your reply got me thinking how nice it would be if we had some guides written about making 3D sprites for the Virtual Boy. I think it may help potential homebrew devs to get started much quicker.

Thanks Lester, feel free to use my post. Id like to help if I can. >B


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