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Yeah, it’s true. I was really close to winning at $20.00. But because it was really late, and the actual game was in the US, I had to go to sleep. And now that I woke up, I saw that I was outbid for…


So I looked at the other copies of this game, and they are for no less than $50.00. It looks like I will have to wait some time before I can get a copy.

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damn, looks like you will have to try again, i think its hard when you live outside the U.S thats where most of the games are, in the U.S because if you think about it people outside of the U.S have to pay more for postage and so try to pay less on the actual item kinda sucks but its cool when people ask how you got it and what it is.

i had a look at completed listing on nesters funky bowling and a few have sold for less then what you are even paying, well it depends what currency your talking about i guess but yeah id just wait for it to come back, im waiting for a wario land game to pop up again lol, kinda a pain having to wait for one to apear then wait for it to finish then if you win the auction have to wait 2 weeks (for me ) (im in australia) for it to come so yeh, good luck also hows red alarm going? i got that game for christmas its pretty cool dont ya think.. i cant remember how far i got but pass some water levels (you could see the water if you flied up high) and i beat a boss that was like 4 faces flying around in a sequence, i got tired and turned it off then its back 2 tha start again with it lol

also if i could reccomend another game for you i’d say wario land and teleroboxer they are great (i played wario land a tiny bit on a emulator from this site, and now want it on the real thing.

Good luck with the virtual boy glitchy display man, i got it as soon as i got mine like a few days later, after my dad gave him good feedback cuz he said it worked fine, the stand also broke the plastic part and i had to glue that back together, we edited a screwdriver to fit in their somewhere the guide is i beleive dogp was the one who wrote it all up and how to open it.

Then we were planning on re heating it to make it strengthen again but it would just come back so we decided using a chemical that was listed on how to get rid of the plastic to re solder it but it didnt work i think we didnt do it properly, anyway my dad tried some real soft sandpaper that slowly got rid of it and let us re solder it and it actually fixed it, about a few weeks later i was playing teleroboxer and i started getting horizontal lines in the left eye, i thought it was the right eye but i double checked and it was the left one, i stopped playing the VB I only had teleroboxer and mario tennis and as soon as xmas came i got a couple of more games, mario clash, red alarm, virtual league baseball, v tetris, panic bomber, japanese version of mario clash, vertical force and golf and the horizontal lines havnt appeared since so im not sure im gona wait i guess – alota those games are quite cheap well the japanese versions of them are and their aint much japanese in the games.

isnt it a pain seing all these VB games you want but theyre all like 50-100 bucks buy it now also having next to them ultra rare (i mean sure they are rare games but they sell for cheaper, just waiting for someone to buy it without knowing its been sold for less.

How did you know I have Red Alarm? Anyway, I got to level 5, but then I shut it off.
There’s a cheat in Red Alarm to skip levels (and do other funky things):
At the title screen, press Select as fast as you can until you hear an explosion. You have to do it before the demo starts playing, otherwise you have to press Start and do it again. Next, start a new game. Then, you can press L, R, Select and A at the same time to bring up a hidden menu which should be pretty self-explanatory to use.

Also, I saw several cheap copies of Virtual League Baseball on eBay once, is it a good game?

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No. I think it’s a terrible game.

I agree. Virtual League Baseball is awful, worst Virtual Boy game I own. (I don’t have Waterworld…. yet)

i knew u had red alarm cuz ur other thread saying u cant play it anymore cuz it glitchy in the right eye.

Thanks for them cheats, had no idea their were cheats for it! thats handy! ty

virtual league baseball is a cheap game i got one virtual leagebaseball sealed and another loose cartridge of it from the same seller for like less then 20 dollars australian i guess its an o.k game its kinda cool listening to every anthem with the music of the vb the games the same over and over you swing you run you swing you run (in my case its always miss then the other team gets to swing and im ending up throwing the ball constantly) ive never won a game its hard to tell when your ment to swing and its hard to see who your controlling to go get the ball when your fielding (your like a tiny pixel moving around)

i dunno its a cheap game good if u want a boxed one or to add to your collection, but like others have said it isnt all that good the music is repetitive as well

so yeah if you want a cheap game get it but if not dont bother really

Again, it’s a terrible terrible game.

Was it about $20 with the game box, manual, and everything? If it was just the cartridge, even that’s not too bad, considering the game is actually technically considered “rare” since it was a US-only release. True to what was said earlier, it is possible to find it for even cheaper, but it’s not likely.

It was just the cartridge, with the plastic dust cover.

I actually just lost out to a NFB Brand New Factory Sealed copy the other day on Ebay. It went for about $38 US, so I was pretty upset I didn’t manage to win. Doesn’t it suck when you can’t be at your computer when a bid is ending!?!?

Exactly. But at the same time it is really satisfying when you wake up the next morning and see the auction is yours.

I just use http://www.esnipe.com – no more biding wars.

I actally just lost out to a NFB Brand New Factory Sealed copy the other day on Ebay. It went for about $38 US, so I was pretty upset I didn’t manage to win. Doesn’t it suck when you can’t be at your computer when a bid is ending!?!?

Heh, heh, I was the one who outbid you on Nester’s Funky Bowling. 😀 I put my bid in when there was only 5 seconds left anyways, so you still might have lost it even if you were at your computer.

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Well, I guess there will be one less person to compete with next time the same thing comes along 😛

Anyways, I hope you enjoy that, because I sure would have been!


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