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I saw in an old arcade project for Virtual BOY, that the person had deported the controller to external commands, this is what he had done:

Do you know if it is possible to find a wiring diagram to do the same thing?

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To do what exactly? Automate game play? You can capture the controller data and send it in over the port using any micro controller. You don’t need to hack the controller like this.

If you’re trying to attach different buttons to the controller, you just have to look at it. Each button consists of two contacts – one grounded and the other connected to an input of the IC. It’s easy to find out which is which with a multimeter.

You could also use a shift-register or microcontroller to simply simulate the controller, then you wouldn’t have to modify one. You’ll have to be more precise about exactly what you want to do.

Here is a picture of the type arcade I want to do with the Virtual Boy, as you can see the controller’s commands are deported to the front panel :

Can you explain me in detail the microcontroller that I do not know?

Thank you

Can you explain to me how to do it ?

Thank you

No offense, but, if you can’t figure it out from the photo you posted and my description above, maybe this isn’t the right project for you right now.

What is your electronics background and skill set? Can you solder? Do you know what the terms “circuit”, “ground”, and “normally-open” mean? To what tools and parts do you have access?

I’m not offended and you are right to be direct, my electronics skills are very limited, I know how to make solders on cards but it’s basic.

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Well, if you know how to solder, you’re pretty much half-way there. You should search for “diy arcade controls”, look at a lot of forums and “how-to” guides, gather the parts you’ll need, give it a try, then come back to this thread to either A) ask specific questions when you get stuck, or B) show us your amazing finished product! 🙂 :thumpup:


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