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Help me! I have been so close to finishishing this off for the longest time now I was hoping you guys could help me. After this I can start working on the Japanese games (because that will be easy ). But anyway, on with the list.

…the games
Jack Bros, must be mint and complete.
Mario Tennis USA promo box and manual, must be mint.
Vertical Force box, must be mint (mine sucks!).

…the hardware
Blockbuster Virtual Boy hardcase.
Performance AC Adapter, must be mint and boxed.
Performace Carrying Case, must be mint and boxed.

…the other stuff
Anything promotional I suppose, shirts, hats, magazines, buttons, etc. Not exactly my top priority, but it depends.

Anyways mostly looking to buy, but if I want it badly enough I might trade, so you can always check my collection (in the sig). Thanks in advance guys, and I hope to get a turnout.

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