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people actually donate large amounts of money. funny… somehow. πŸ˜›

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What the hell is he doing?! Why doesn’t he get his lazy ass off the couch and get a job to buy the Wii?! What an a-hole.

What a fag…

I donated the $50 to him. It will be sweet to see how he kills it πŸ™‚

I would never give money to that weirdo (no offense.)

$50? You could have bought a copy of Jack Bros or Waterworld for that. >:(

…And $250? Wheres he buying it from? Toys ‘R’ Us way back in 1995? πŸ˜›

DanB… you donated??? And LB: the $250 is to buy a Wii to replace the VB because it’s “real” 3D o_O πŸ˜› .


Nice idea to earn money for nothing…

I sincerely hope he puts it in acid and there is an explosive reaction and his face is melted off in the accident leaving him looking like two-face from batman only gayer.

LOL, just kidding… I didn’t donate anything to that dork πŸ˜›

I’d be somewhat surprised if this were real. A while back there was a fake site about a cat someone was going to eat unless they made $5000 in PayPal donations. I think it was called “Save Toby”.

Anyway, here’s hoping a perfectly good VB doesn’t get destroyed.

I speculate that he has 2 VBs, one of which is probably not functioning properly. That will probably be the one that he breaks. That, or he’ll just replace it with another one off of ebay later for less than $50. I can’t believe people are actually buying into this. Someone should destroy one of their non-working units for free and post it all over the place. Of course, this dude has already pulled in $126 for this bogus cause.

Yeah that is what I figured as well. I’ve got 2 VB systems as well but if it was not working very well I would take it appart to see if there was a way to mod the system and make a head unit that was not as odd as some of the other ideas that I”ve already seen.

Anyway… I just found out about this guy today. I came here to post about it and I come to find that you all already know. This just makes me sad. I can’t belive anyone would give him a penny for this.

Some people have no dignity. He should be strapped to a cactus with wet leather straps with no food or water until he dies, and then we charge his family for the straps and the trip to the desert. Regardless, I have an odd kind of respect for him in that he could gather $126 through this.

Well if the system is broken and he has a 2nd one $126 is a good amount for it since you definetly won’t get that much for even a working one on ebay.

I too find this very sad… Virtual Boys are becoming harder to find and this isn’t helping. Although, my thought was, if he’s going to destroy the main unit, what’s he going to do with the games and accesories? I’m thinking of trying to buy them off him πŸ˜€ . And what’s with his recent post of “half destroying it”? How do you half destroy something? If he smashed half of it, it wouldn’t work anyway! Ah well, I grow weary from my ranting. He looked kind of strange in the pictures anyway… I doubt his normalness.

Oh yeah. Read the latest email on his fanmail page. The guy who sent it shares most of our sentiments.

Now the crazy bastard has gotten $137. Also, he posted my piece of Fan/Hate mail, and anyone who feels like reading what I sent him, go to http://www.destroymyvirtualboy.com/mail.php

With only one day left before the Wii launch, it looks like he’s not going to make his goal. He only has $148! Yay!

Of course, now he’s probably going to saw his VB in half and destroy half of it. This just is DUMB if you ask me. Of course, his whole website is dumb… πŸ˜›

Hopefully, he will come to his senses, and not destroy his red little friend.

Here’s hoping!

This stupid *#!”# !!! >__<


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