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Thank you for having such a great site.

I’m interested in developing some games for the VB, like I have for Neo Geo MVS, SNES, and NES.

I see that Bound High is 2Mb x 16bit.

Per the pinout, a 27C322 should be able to be soldered straight to the corresponding pins on the connector, correct?

I’m working on a translated Space Squash and Gundam. I’m making them for my own use. If anyone hears from the users who developed these translations and they are around, I’d be glad to make them one as well (straight cost, or a donor cart, no extra of course), for translating such great games.

Once I get the eproms, I’ll see if Squash and Gundam work before I start on Bound High.



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Hi Wyndcrosser,

I’m the one who created the English translations on this site for Space Squash and SD Gundam, and my brother Greg Stevens is the one who created the English translation patches for the ROMs using my translations.

We actually have a new update to the English version of the Space Squash ROM, which you can find here:


You will read in my post there that 2 parts of the game have not yet been translated and may very well never be, unless I can find a computer programmer who can update those sections for us. It’s only the Controls Screen and the Characters names on the VS screens, which aren’t that big of a deal, but it would be neat if they could be translated as well to get the whole game in English, less the credits at the end. SD Gundam is also fully translated except for the credits at the end, and my brother and I have no plans to try to alter the credits of either game.

I’m letting you know this just so you know that there could be a future update to the Space Squash ROM, but it might not be for a while and also might not ever happen. If you’re fine with making a cart from this latest version, knowing that a later version could be released in the future, then definitely go ahead. SD Gundam is definitely considered finalized, though, so you can go ahead with making the cart for that since no person is ever likely to translate the end credits of the game.

What are your carts going to look like? Will they have stickers on them that look like the original Japanese stickers but translated into English?

Per the pinout, a 27C322 should be able to be soldered straight to the corresponding pins on the connector, correct?

Yes, but it’s not very easy to get it to fit a cart case.

I recently built some for a 32MBit project.


Nice to meet you. I’m extremely happy to see homebrewers from other platforms try their hand at the vboy 🙂

Do you have a page or a link to some posts so we can check out what type of games you like to make ?


Thanks guys. Yea I’ve tested the “tightness” of the eprom inside the cart, but it does fit :), I’ve just got to identify how the wires are going to be.

I’m fully aware of the “99% completeness” of the translations, that in no way concerns me :). I appreciate the work you guys do.

I mostly do reproductions and I’ve been doing hacks of castlevania and mega man for (NES) and Super MArio World and Zelda for (SNES). I’m currently looking at MVS and identifying how it works.

With the VB, I’ve been reading all the FAQ PDF’s and how everything talks to one another. I’m in school right now, I was actually a US Marine for 6 years before getting out due to injuries, now I’m trying to enjoy somethings here and there. I actually just got engaged. 🙂



Here’s how the 27C322 is wired.


Based off of the pin outs, I don’t see there is anyway to make a translation for space squash with a 27C4001 for example.

any ideas?

You need a 16Bit EPROM. The 27C4001 is 8Bit.

It will work if you use 2 x 27C4001 and split the code. Bit messy though.

Just to clarify, the questions are on the picture.



It’s a 100nF unpolarized capacitor going between GND and 5V. It’s standard practice to connect them close to chips, but it will still work if you leave it out.

Do you want a PCB ?

I have loads and will send you one free of charge.

sent you a PM thanks.


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