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[Disclaimer: I posted this a few days ago on VB Reddit, but thought this might be a different audience to share this with.
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I asked in the past if it was possible to use two Virtual Taps to output a usable 3D image to a TV, and was given a hard NO. I found someone who was able to use exactly that scenario and modify the video stream to make it happen, so I asked him to preserve that information.

Even though it uses very retro tech to tweak the signal, I HAVE to believe this could be achieved with modern tech and there’s probably even a chip that does this very thing, if not a Pi or FPGA. I’m not skilled enough to know that part, but I’m hoping this information inspires someone to run with this and make it a viable option for us.


Saved discussion thread to Wayback Machine in case that project or issue goes away in the future:


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