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Hi my name is supermariovb64 and i live in Toronto,Canada and i am wondering if i will be able to buy one of those amazing flash boy?To cut down the cost I will give you vl baseball and i only want the flashboy,cable,and CD,no box or manual.

so, do you think i can get one?
please reply


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i wrote down your name and will let you know when i have one available.
there’s no chance to cut down costs though. box and manual are only like 2 euro, and shipping for a baseball cart would be way too expensive. for a single cart at least, but if you have a dozen or so then we can talk about it.

HI! its me again and thank you for replying.and I wondering how much it will cost just for the flash boy game?
please reply,


can’t say for sure yet, but the price will probably remain at 85 eur.

Thanks for replying.

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Id love one too been looking for one forever funny i stoped and missed out


Please make another batch if you could. I missed out on the last one and I know alot of people over at some of the other gaming sites that I visit who wanted to order but missed out. There is still alot of interest for this item.

Thank You 🙂

HI!This is me again supermariovb64 and i am wondering how much it will cost to ship the amazing flashboy to Belgium.I have a very good friend there and she said that she will hold on to it until i could get there.

please reply,


just to anoy all of u I can tell u before the flashboy only costed 80 euro hehe

I also missed out on the flashboy, any chance of purchasing one?

Sure, I’ll email you when Batch 6 is out in a few weeks.

Hi, that will be great can’t wait.

I’m very interested too, please let me know when I will be able to order one! Thank you!

Hi, i purchased a Virtual boy off e-bay at the end of last year with five games. My wife was pregnant with my daughter at the time time and i had to sell a lot of wii games to cover the cost!I was reading Retro Gamer Issue 64, the feature about the Virtual Boy and read about your site and the Flash Cart you have built. It looks amazing and i would love the opportunity to buy one of these! I have just purchased a pokemon mini, so many more wii games are going to have to be sold! Damn issue 64!! If you could make this possible i would be greatly appreciated.

Alright, I will email you guys.

I have heard about that article, but did not yet read it. Do you have a chance to scan it in, diisco?

Thanks for your quick reply, looking forward to your e-mail. I havnt got a scanner myself but i will pop to our local library tomorrow so the article can appear on your site. Quick question, where do i go on your site to upload it?

Hi, I just read the Virtual Boy article in Retro Gamer magazine and decided I need a Virtual Boy 😀 I have about 20 original Gameboys which I modified, this is one:-


Anyway, my question is, can I still get a Flash Boy???

Please let me know!


If anyone is interested I have 1 spare Flash Boy for sale! Complete and as new! PM me!

Welcome, Matt! 🙂

A new batch of 12 FlashBoys will be out very soon. I can reserve one unit for you, if you want.

BTW, please tell us more about those Game Boy mods. 🙂

He i want buy a flashboy, has anybody one for me !



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