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I recently did a clean up of the Dragon Hopper box art using pics of the VidPro card (Thanks to whoever found that, sorry I did not keep track of the name).
It’s as 1 to 1 as I could get, though some of the blue and red backgrounds don’t line up perfectly, since I used them from another box scan.
I also did a vector trace over of both versions of the logo.

Hopefully one day the beta gets dumped!

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The original artwork was done by me RunnerPack did the logo. i started with a postage stamp size and increased it until it was the size of an actual release.It was commissioned. The only thing I asked in return was the a final box with the art. I did agree with Uncle Tusker that in the event that the original Dragon Hopper rom was found that he would give me a cart in box copy of the game. I have yet to receive the box art on a box yet this isn’t Uncle Tuskers fault it is the person that the original deal was made. I see you have gone beyond what I rendered for the box art and honestly it looks great I’m glad you have finish it keep up the great work

Thanks, I’m guessing you are referring to the Dragon Hopper box currently on Uncle Tuck’s site? It looks good for something what seems to be drawn from scratch.

I was messing around with making a box pattern for it, I would have to guess how the sides look. But I did extend the art to fill in the area where the art shows on the sides.

My main concern with making and posting something like that is someone printing it and potentially trying to sell it as authentic or something. Though in the event the game is found and someone makes a repro of it I would gladly help make the box and label.

Here is a preview of the art slapped over the Panic Bomber box, scaled way down lol.

These look great! Well done! Now we just need to wait for the game to get found..reeeeaaal sooon. Like come on, throw us a freakin bone, game.

Thank you for all your compliments.

LarryInc64 wrote:
I recently did a clean up of the Dragon Hopper box art using pics of the VidPro card (Thanks to whoever found that, sorry I did not keep track of the name).

Twas I that found the Dragon Hopper VidPro card…


…and you’re welcome! 🙂

This looks great, you did an awesome job!

Beautiful box you made there. Great work!

Thanks a lot for your work

Greatly appreciate you doing this

This is amazing. You’re doing the Lord’s work, Larry!

I did the package artwork back in the day when i was illustrating a bunch of packages for nintendo. Heres a copy of the original art!

That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing it.

Amazing! Thank you very much, @mike-takagi! Just found you on Instagram and saw that you posted some more artwork for Virtual Boy games you did, Red Alarm and Panic Bomber. Was there more? Teleroboxer looks like it’s coming from your airbrush as well, for instance. 3-D Tetris? Maybe even the still undiscovered Bound High artwork? 😮

Very cool! Thanks for stopping by to share! That’s so awesome!

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WOW!! mike-takagi, we are incredibly grateful to you sharing that piece. Thank you soo much! Without question made my day.

Hello morintari you have PM about your art 🙂


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