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half_comThis is a box art of Dragon Hopper that just appeared on the homepage of an ebay company called ‘half.com’! Nobody can’t yet say for sure, if it’s just a well-made fake or if it really is an actual box of the unreleased game.
Everybody whose interest in the game about the little Dragon dorin came up again, can put our new Dragon Hopper wallpaper on his desktop. 🙂

Furthermore, i added some new sections to the miscellaneous section: the new eastereggs section, which covers all the hidden stuff in Virtual Boy games, the press releases and infos and pics of the movie ‘Runaway Bride’, which had the Virtual Boy in it – find it under VB in Hollywood.

8 new mp3s of Mario’s Rennis as well as 16 new Jack Bros. mp3s have been added to the sounds section, beta screens of Mario’s Tennis are up, and last bur not least, I added my report about the Winter CES 1995 to the tradeshows section and translated all the other reports about E3 ’95, E3 ’96 and ECTS Autumn ’95.

By the way, for everybody who didn’t follow the Virtual Boy auctions on ebay the last week: in 8 days, 3 Virtual Bowlings sold for 100, 200 and 700 dollars… for remembrance, the ‘normal’ price is about $1100…

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