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Hi, I’m using in my project the libgccvb.h library and a header called dtaffine.h, but there is not in the comments the author of such header. I would like to write him to ask about the structures he uses because the code isn’t commented and I have no idea wat is going on in it (obscure mathemathics).


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Looking at the name of the file, and what the file does, I’d assume it’s David Tucker ( http://www.goliathindustries.com/vb/ ). If you haven’t already seen it, he’s got a document about affine programming available in the programming section of his site.


Sure I have read that document… but maybe I was a little lazy to to figure out the mathmathics used in the header… mainly because there are not comments on the code, which make things worse… well I will have to do the homework and try to understand all that stuff about matrix :-(..

thanks DogP

Heh… yeah, lots of matrix stuff w/ affine. You could try emailing David… he may be able to help out.



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